FDJ is a women’s denim and apparel company based in Montreal, Canada. With over forty years of expertise designing for women of all ages, shapes and sizes, we’re true pioneers. Early on, that meant making strides like adding stretch to our jeans (an industry first) and adjusting our fits to flatter bodies of all kinds. Today, our leadership inspires us to take a stand for uplifting women everywhere.


We are not just a jeans company. We are an entirely new way to dress women. We know that looking good begins with you. We want all our customers to feel empowered and seen for who they are. That’s why we’re taking a stand, and celebrating women’s potential with looks that uplift. For women by women. Female empowerment is our policy at FDJ.


FDJ French Dressing wants to be the place for Fashion without limits – which means no rules. All while remaining sustainable, inclusive and giving back to our community. We want to be the destination for all things Fashion and fit expertise.